X1 Race

The Original racing simulator

Our original simulator. But don't worry! It's simple raw design can provide the same performance as our new model. The only difference is the chassis. Simulator provides unparalleled motion realism and can simulate rear traction loss.

By using number of different techniques Motorsport Simulator can emulate faithfully the feeling of being in a race car. In combination with subtle vibrations and your body weight it also simulates appropriate pressure on your arms and legs. Finally it combines the pressures caused by the body weight and the influence on the centre of balance.

Motorsport Simulator Image
Motorsport Simulator Image


Powder coated industrial grade construction

Steering Wheel

Direct drive base with complete Formula, GT and Rally rims


Fully adjustable stainless-steel Pedals Pro

Sequential Gear Shifter

Custom Built stainless-steel ball spring resistance Sequential Shifter system


Custom Built stainless-steel pressure sensitive handbrake


FIA Certified Evo 1 Carbon Seat with SPARCO six-point chassis-based harness

3DOF Motion System

Three 150mm actuators


Triple 55” professional Full HD or 4K Ultra HD LCD panels


Premium THX 5.1 speakers

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